Misogyny is a selling point in all forms of commercial pop culture and it totally sickens me. But I would say while hip hop has a tendency to be held up as the mascot for bad values (for a number of different and important reasons to consider) it also has the most going for it in terms of outwardly and explicitly combating misogyny, homophobia, commercialism, classism and racism, which is what it was originally utilized for in the late 70′s early 80′s by the Zulu Nation.

Hip hop’s purpose is to address these things and expose the harm they have on our lives through the sharing of knowledge, positivity and peaceful, vibrant dance parties where we can unify as entities of love and support to learn from one another. So while I don’t think that hip hop is particularly more commercially driven and problematic than any other art form existing in our oppressive capitalist culture, I do believe it is particularly wack to be using hip hop as a vehicle for those sentiments.

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